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To A Friend Who Went Back to Him


Do not cave like your grandmother’s spine did

the day she fell down the stairs for the last time.

Loneliness is just a sheep in wolves’ clothing.

You know exactly how to tame it, to let it eat out of your palm.

When he puts up his fists, remember that all palm lines start as maps

and eventually reincarnate into sorrow.

Once, his body led the way and taught you everything you knew-

now be your own teacher.

Relearn how to survive.

There will be days when the rain feels like his mouth on yours,

but know he is the thunderstorm

that once struck you down like lightning

and will no longer.

You have the courage to weather this.

Open your mouth and howl.

You are the coyote.

You, only you.

The moon will bow to you

just like he will

when you show up in his nightmares.

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